Axis Income Saver Fund NFO Details

Offer Opens on: May 24, 2010

Offer Closes on:
June 16, 2010

Fund Structure: Open Ended

Type: Debt

- Growth
- Dividend (Quarterly Payout / Quarterly Re-Investment / Half-Yearly Payout / Half-Yearly Re-Investment / Annual Payout / Annual Re-Investment)

Investment Objective:
The investment objective of the scheme is to provide reasonable returns and high liquidity to the Unitholders by investing predominantly in Government Securities having residual maturity upto 15 years

Minimum Investment: 

Asset Allocation:
The scheme would invest 65% to 99% of assets in money market instruments and debt instruments securitized debt. It will invest 1% to 35% in Equity and Equity related instruments with high risk profile

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